Pedalboard mini Version 25 Note

New Pedalboard mini version D25 Note

  • Electronics midi
    Product of natural hardwood
    25 keys of parallel (C-c)
    Mechanics simulation of electropneumatics
    Enclosure type D
    Stepped classic chromatic keys or modified according to individual arrangements
    Colour according to individual arrangements
    Dimensions: 104x 50 x 16cm
    – Weight: 15 kg
  • Electrical / Power     MIDI OUT (DIN 5)
    DC power output *
    Function button to change the MIDI channels (1-16) and transposition of sounds
    – Keyboard is compatible with any instrument equipped with MIDI interface or with the program MyOrgan, Hauptwerk, the Grand Orgue your computer

    * Power keyboard only via an external 9V DC 300mA (+) – available in a separate offer or good electronic stores.